Traffic signage – road markings

Road markings on traffic areas are horizontal traffic signalization, which marks different types of danger, prohibitions, restrictions and other obligations as well as notifications for road users. They come in different types such as longitudinal, transverse and other.

Our service offers the production of thin-layered markings (paint) and thick-layered markings (thermoplastic paint) or implementation of temporary signage, which are especially intended for construction sites on roads, who serve as a substitute to permanent signaling and indicate changed traffic regulation. Road markings can be made manually or by machine, depending on customers’ requests and specific needs on field. The material is of high quality, delivered by recognized Slovenian producer, Helios d.o.o., whose products comply with the standard SIST EN 1436+A1 and regulations under Slovenian law for traffic signage and traffic systems on roads. Our road markings meet the requirements of retroreflective standards of road markings.

We also produce other types of markings (playgrounds for children and sport, warehouses, intervention areas, etc.).

We produce:

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