Traffic monitoring systems

Systems are undisturbing and noninvasive way of traffic monitoring. The devices detect vehicles, their speed, lenght and save the measured information in statistical files for further study.
Compact 1000
The device is used for monitoring the traffic and to classify and count the passing vehicles. It is advanced system for more stationary monitoring, based on radar technology and allows different types of use.
Compact 1000 JR
The device is easy to use and put in a light plastic housing. It is used for shorter periods of traffic monitoring, traffic classification and counting passing vehicles. It is based on radar technology.
Loop DTC 903
Vehicles classification system based on magnetic induction technology for fixed and semi-fixed monitoring positions.
LOOP DTC 903 is easy to install and configure.
Traffic Analyzer Ta 101
The system classifies and detects the approaching vehicles on the base of magnetic induction technology and is used for stationary traffic monitoring. The device can classify vehicles up to 8+1 categories.

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