Company Sisas s.p.a.

Company Sisas s.p.a. was established in 1980 and is one of leading companies in traffic signage and safety systems with adequate response to needs for safety in traffic monitoring.  The company’s priority is the safety of road users, be them vehicles or pedestrians. All products are not only designed by latest trends, but also the ones' that set the standards and new solutions for better road safety. All products conform to most strict construction standards and follow required European standards.
In year 2015 we upgraded our successful cooperation with exclusive dealership for Slovenia for company Sisas s.p.a from Perugia. Their electronic systems for traffic safety are one of the most modern ways of increasing safety in traffic.

We are pleased, that we are able to offer their products on the Slovenian market and to Slovenian road operators, to whom we want to present in a partnership mode, different traffic solutions for better road safety.

We are confident, that with the help of company Sisas, we can offer you suitable solutions for better road safety.

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